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Fathers are always told that if they go through a divorce, they will lose their children.  Told that mothers always win custody of the children, and that dads rarely get to see their children.  Told that dads are only in touch with their children by $check$.  These statements are TOTALLY FALSE, since fathers often WIN CUSTODY of their children.  Don�t WIMP OUT,  FIGHT FOR YOUR CHILDREN.

As a national non-profit organization, FATHERS CUSTODY CENTER is dedicated to helping child caring, actively involved fathers to gain custody of their children.  Educated in family law, our staff supports fathers throughout the country.   When mom has other priorities and dad is really MR. MOM, dad should be awarded primary physical custody of the children.  We help fathers with the strategy and techniques needed to WIN their case.

If you or any other actively involved father you know needs help because of a child custody battle, due to a divorce or a paternity case, contact FATHERS CUSTODY CENTER, and we will help you to WIN your case.

In addition, we provide you with a hotline available from 10AM to midnight, 7 days a week.  We have individual counseling for successful self-representation, referrals to fathers rights attorneys specializing in family law, and we recommend the best fathers rights psychologists and child custody evaluators.

FATHERS CUSTODY CENTER encourages and assists fathers to FIGHT FOR CUSTODY of their children.  Contact us immediately.




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For additional assistance please visit the following web sites:

See Fathers Child Support Helpline  for problems with Child Suport Enforcement.  Drivers license being suspended?  Wages being garnished? Tax refunds intercepted? . 

Parental Alienation Syndrome Is your EX/wife/girlfriend brainwashing your children against you?  We help you to counteract the brainwashing and to maintain your bond with your children.   

Long Distant Fathers  Helping divorced fathers whose children live far from them, or in another state, to be a long distance SUPER DAD . .  .

Fathers National Lawyer Referral  Assisting dads to acquire a father's rights attorney that knows Family Law and that will fight for them. 

Fathers False Charges Helpline  Assisting fathers to counteract all false charges of child abuse and/or domestic violence.

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